Aashdin And His UK Cheap Fake Omega Speedmaster Professional 145.022-76

We’d like to introduce Aashdin Billimoria from Bombay, a watch collector, author, and archivist for over 30 years. He’s currently working on a book on vintage replica watches uk, but today, we talk to him about his 1:1 fake Omega Speedmaster Professional 145.022-76. Aashdin started collecting watches at the age of nine. His father gifted him two Swiss fake watches, and his journey began there. He actually still owns those watches, including their original hang tags.

Collector’s interview with Aashdin Billimoria
We asked him about his Omega Speedmaster replica for sale, his collecting journey, and what he loves about the Speedmaster in particular. So without further ado, here is Aashdin’s story.

What do you like about the AAA fake Omega Speedmaster?

Aashdin: To me, the cheap replica Omega Speedmaster is the most important watch in the history of horology which has gracefully evolved over a period of time.
You have a beautiful full-set 1970s Swiss fake Omega Speedmaster. How did you find it, and can you tell us something about the journey?

I picked up my watch from the Daytona watch fair over a decade ago. The fair was like an Aladdin’s cave for watch collectors where various vendors used to come to sell their best quality replica watches. I was specifically on the lookout for a good vintage Speedy. Quite a few were available in better aesthetic condition than mine, but when inspected closely, you could tell that they had been buffed up or that some minute anomaly could be seen. I wanted an honest one — a copy watch that had built its character over a period of time. Lying in the corner of one of the vendor’s stands was this cardboard box. Since it was pretty worn out, it didn’t attract much attention. But I was pretty eager to see what was inside it.

I asked the vendor to show me the box. When I lifted the cover, I knew I’d found something pretty valuable for a collector like me, someone who loves a full set. I lifted the cheap copy Omega Moonwatch box out, and there was an added bonus tucked below — the original warranty card with a 2011 US country code, along with a user manual and a booklet! The 1976 Speedy which proudly sat inside was just what I was looking for. It had minor scratches, which added to the character of the watch. At that moment, I knew that this was the perfect fake watch for me.

When I bought the high quality fake Omega UK, I just couldn’t take the smile off my face. Today, you can walk into a shop and buy a new Speedy with all of the above. But no amount of money can buy the thrill of getting a vintage one with the entire set.

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