Give Your Speedy A Colorful Makeover With The New Delugs CTS Rubber Straps For The UK Wholesale Swiss Made Fake Omega Speedmaster Watches

Summer is finally here, and if you’re looking to spice up your perfect replica Omega Speedmaster watches this season, these new straps from Singaporean brand Delugs may just be the way to do it! The new Delugs CTS Rubber Straps are available now in 12 different colors. With curved ends, a spring-loaded clasp, and a cut-to-size construction for ultimate comfort, these straps immediately caught our eye. We wouldn’t be doing our job correctly here at Fratello if, when a new accessory for the Speedmaster is released, we didn’t get our hands on it and put it through its paces.

We’re no strangers to Delugs here. In fact, Balazs checked out the brand’s range of leather straps back in 2019 and again in 2021. Jorg reviewed the Delugs rubber straps made for the Tissot PRX two years ago. And even more recently, Brad reviewed the brand’s straight-end FKM rubber strap. Long story short, we’ve followed along on the brand’s journey from a small manufacturer of leather goods to a well-established purveyor of aftermarket straps. In today’s review, I’ll tell you a bit about the new Delugs CTS Rubber Straps made especially for the high quality fake Omega Speedmaster watches. However, if you want a fully detailed review of the spring-loaded deployant buckle and more information on the cut-to-size process that applies to these straps (as well as the straight-end FKM models), you can refer to Brad’s article here.

The new Delugs CTS Rubber Straps for Omega Speedmaster

Let me start by mentioning that this is not the first watch-specific rubber strap that Delugs has released. A little while back, the brand introduced straps for Tudor and Rolex watches in a similar style. All of these are cut-to-size (CTS) straps that feature the same butterfly clasp (available in several finishes and materials). These rubber straps may look familiar, and that’s because they are reminiscent of Omega’s OEM rubber strap for the Seamaster Diver 300M models. It’s a solid look that I enjoy very much and that was not available for the AAA replica Omega Moonwatches until now.

Unlike the Omega offerings, which are available with a pin buckle (€360) or fold-over clasp (€600), the Delugs straps use the aforementioned butterfly clasp. Price-wise, they sit below Swiss 2024 Omega replica watches’ OEM offerings at €206. It’s a fair amount for a non-OEM strap but certainly in line with other premium options (i.e., Artem’s selection of sailcloth and HydroFlex straps). For the price, you get the strap itself, the buckle, and additional hardware (a set of 20mm quick-release spring bars built into the strap and the 16mm spring bars required for the clasp).

Length-wise, the strap is very generous. I cut off seven pieces (34mm) on the 6 o’clock side and four (20mm) on the 12 o’clock side for the clasp to sit centered on my 17.7cm (7″) wrist. This is easy; you only need a sharp knife or scissors. Instructions are included with the strap, but I approached it cautiously, one block at a time.

Normally, I prefer a classic pin buckle on my straps. However, the Delugs butterfly clasp is small, easy to use, and comfortable. It closes securely using a spring-loaded system. Once closed, it forms a clean rectangle with a split down the middle, a brushed finish, and polished chamfered edges.

A holiday for your wrist

There are a couple of commonly accepted habits that most people adopt when they go on holiday. Most of us will shed our reliable daily gear and slip into something more comfortable. Trading leather boots for a pair of EVA Birkenstocks to sit by the pool sipping on an ice-cold Negroni is an obvious choice. People also commonly opt for a more colorful palette for their summer wardrobes. Summer calls for a different get-up, be it a multi-colored Hawaiian shirt, a patterned polo, or a pair of Orlebar Brown swimming shorts. You likely do this for yourself already, so why not do it for your cheap UK Omega Speedmaster copy watches? More importantly, why not do it for your wrist?

The Delugs CTS Rubber Straps provide the color you want in summer, with 12 options available. These include vibrant shades that are perfect for T-shirt weather, from bright orange to white, pink, and mint green. So if you want to get a perfect match for your board shorts or to contrast the shade of your linen shirt, you’ll be set. You can also always opt for something more neutral for year-round use, such as black, gray, or khaki green.

The straps are suitable for best replica Omega Speedmaster Professional Moonwatches models, including the older ref. 3570.50.00, the latest ref. 310., and others that use the same case, such as the Snoopy, Tintin, and #SpeedyTuesday editions.

When it comes to comfort, Delugs delivers. The rubber is supple, soft, and requires no break-in time. It measures 4mm at its thickest point and tapers to 3mm. This is the sweet spot between bulky and flimsy, two words I would not use to describe these straps. They hug the case nicely without leaving gaps or room to shift around. The ends curve down nicely from the lugs and avoid the flaring that typically affects curved-end straps. Additionally, the back of the straps are slightly concave, meaning there’s room for your wrist to breathe on particularly warm days. The clasp has two sets of spring bar holes on each side, giving you the options necessary to get a perfect fit.

Final thoughts

So, are these Delugs CTS Rubber Straps the perfect summer accessories for your 2024 luxury super clone Omega Speedy watches? I’d say so. But I also think you won’t just wear them in the summer. They are comfortable and available in such a wide range of colors that you’ll likely find one you’ll be happy to wear all year. Even though I prefer a pin-buckle for my straps (especially rubber ones), the clasp Delugs uses is one exception I’d be willing to make. However, as there’s no locking system, I’d stick to wearing these straps casually and not take them on any big adventures.

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