Hands-On With High Quality Replica Omega’s Latest Seamaster Aqua Terra Worldtimer Watches UK

It’s no secret that I’m still looking for a multi-time-zone watch to add to my collection. I’ve considered many options, including the best replica Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra Worldtimer watches. Until recently, however, I had never tried it on because I deemed its 43mm size too large for my 17cm wrist. But after having worn the new Aqua Terra Worldtimer for a little over a week now, I realize that I might’ve been wrong all along, especially now that there’s a titanium version.

There’s just something about a watch that lets you track multiple time zones. It immediately makes you think about traveling and vacation, even though I travel within the same time zone for most of my holidays. In theory, it’s still nice to know that the watch could potentially go around the world with you. But what I also like about this category of cheap UK Omega fake watches is that there are many different design variations. And the design of the Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra Worldtimer might be a bit over the top, but I actually kind of like it.

The newest Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra Worldtimer

The 43mm perfect replica Omega Aqua Terra Worldtimer watches has been around since 2017. The original was an 87-piece limited edition in platinum, and in 2019, a normal-production model in stainless steel with a blue dial debuted. Two years later, a Sedna Gold version came out, and recently, Omega introduced the fourth and fifth models to the line. There’s a new stainless steel version with a green color scheme, available on either a stainless steel bracelet or a green rubber strap. And there’s also a new titanium version with a black and gray color scheme. Both luxury Omega copy watches now also have a matching brushed ceramic bezel.

The movement inside is still the Omega Co-Axial caliber 8938, which is certified by METAS as a Master Chronometer. It’s also resistant to magnetic fields of up to 15,000 gauss. And, of course, it offers you the ability to track multiple time zones. It holds a power reserve of 60 hours and runs at 25,200vph. You can look at it through the Swiss movements replica Omega Aqua Terra Worldtimer watches’ exhibition case back and behold its rhodium-plated finish with Omega’s signature arabesque Geneva waves. In terms of finishing, however, the Worldtimer’s dial might be just as nice to look at.

The color isn’t the only difference…

The new stainless steel and titanium top Omega super clone watches differ from each other not only in material and color but also dial finishing. Notice how the green version in steel has vertical lines on the dial. Just like on the blue version, those probably represent the meridians. What’s different here, though, is that the hands and indices are made of 18K Moonshine Gold, and all of the city names except for London are done in a gold print.

The titanium version doesn’t feature the vertical lines on the dial. Instead, it has a grainy, light gray finish, which matches the all-brushed Grade 2 titanium case very well. The rest of the details on the dial are done in mostly black and white. What especially caught my attention was the relief style of the city names. This is achieved by laser ablation, a method that precisely removes the excess material. Both the stainless steel and the titanium versions still feature Omega’s representation of the North Pole at the middle of the dial. It’s surrounded by the 24-hour ring, which is covered with a Hesalite ring. Protecting the whole dial is domed sapphire crystal with antireflective coating on both sides.

What are they like in the flesh?

The green stainless steel version of the Aqua Terra Worldtimer feels closest to the popular blue version. It’s definitely the more formal, business-oriented one of the two new models. The green bezel adds a degree of informality, but the gold details take it up a notch again. To me, it comes across as a bit of an overachiever. The Worldtimer’s dial is already quite busy, and the contrasting colors, meridians, and North Pole take it a bit too far in my opinion. But my opinion might also be influenced by how it wears.

The Aqua Terra Worldtimer is not a small watch, especially not for my 17cm wrist. It’s 43mm wide, 50mm from lug to lug, and 14.1mm thick. Together with its weight of 120 grams (on the rubber strap) or 160 grams on the stainless steel flat-link bracelet, it just feels like a bit much. That’s a shame because I do like the green color that 2023 Omega replica watches chose here. But although I’m usually not a big fan of a lot of black elements on a watch, the black and gray titanium version is my favorite of these two, hands down.

Lighter feels better

The all-new titanium version of the Aqua Terra Worldtimer feels like the sportier younger brother of the stainless steel one. At about 93 grams on the black rubber strap, it feels fine on my wrist, although it’s still a big watch, of course. It’s also a bit more toned than the green version. There’s still a lot going on on the dial, but it feels less busy than the ones on the green and blue versions. So the reduced weight in combination with the calmer dial design makes the titanium version wear very differently and, in my case, better.

Operating the crown on either version feels very satisfying. Winding the movement is buttery smooth, and setting the different times and the date is a hiccup-less process. I’m also a big fan of the textured rubber straps that Omega makes for the Aqua Terra series. They look and feel great, and they match the 1:1 online fake Omega watches very nicely too. The flat-link stainless steel bracelet is also very sturdy, but I’m just not a big fan of polished center links and the fact that the butterfly clasp can only close in one particular way.

A very welcome update

To call the new versions of the Aqua Terra Worldtimer completely new watches would be a bit too much. But they’re certainly a nice and, I feel, necessary update to the collection. The ceramic bezels make the AAA wholesale replica Omega watches more scratch resistant and add some character. The green colorway gives fans of the stainless steel model a nice alternative to the blue version. But the most important update is the titanium version, I think. That one actually comes very close to being a completely new watch.

With its reduced weight and more relaxed dial design, it offers a very different experience on the wrist than the stainless steel version. It becomes a more sporty-looking piece, but even more importantly, it also makes this fairly big watch more comfortable to wear, especially on smaller wrists like mine.

The new stainless steel best quality fake Omega Aqua Terra Worldtimer watches in green costs €11,600 on the rubber strap and €11,800 on the bracelet. The all-new titanium version will set you back €13,500.

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