Perfect 1:1 Omega MoonSwatch Fake Watches UK Returns To Earth

Another social media teaser campaign has been providing clues over the past week about a fresh set of cheap UK replica Omega MoonSwatch Mission on Earth references watches that land on Saturday, June 15.

Instagram videos and in-store displays made reference to our earth’s natural phenomena including volcanic lava, the Aurora Borealis and deserts, and today Swatch has unveiled three high quality Omega fake watches that take inspiration from them.

Mission on Earth Lava, Polar Lights and Desert introduce three new colourways to the ever-expanding universe of AAA China replica Omega MoonSwatches.

As usual, they will not be sold online and will only be available at selected Swatch stores where only one Swiss made Omega copy watches can be bought per person, per day.

Where to buy MoonSwatches

There are eleven Swatch shops lined up to sell the new luxury Omega replica watches on Saturday, seven of which are in London. Birmingham, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Liverpool are the only other cities to get the nod.

Swatch’s choice of colours for the Mission on Earth series is self-explanatory.

Lava comes in black with accents of dark orange. Speedie fans may make a link to the 1968 top fake Omega Speedmaster Moonwatches “Ultraman” model, with its orange chronograph hand, Swatch helpfully hints.

Polar Lights might have chosen any combination of colours from Aurora Borealis displays but opted for the most common turquoise green for its case and a night blue dial dotted with stars.

Swatch points out that numerals and indexes on the Lava’s three subdials use the radial format, just like the Omega Speedmaster replica watches for men in Omega’s Alaska II and III projects.

Both the case and hands of the MoonSwatch Desert come in a sand colour, and the dial and strap come in a darker grey/beige.

All three Swiss movements super clone Omega watches come on velcro straps with stitching matching the colours of their 42mm cases.

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