As said, the new 1:1 replica Omega Speedmaster 57 Chronograph Co-Axial Master Chronometer 40.5mm (yes, that’s its full name) is a strong evolution over the previous model. From a 41.5mm automatic watch, we now moved to a smaller, thinner, more compact hand-wound model. What hasn’t changed is the overall inspiration. While the top copy Omega Professional Moonwatch plays on the continuity of the design, being a gradual evolution of a watch that has been in continuous production, the Speed ’57 is an evocation of the past, a typical vintage-inspired model with modern features.
The name says it all. The perfect fake Omega Speedmaster 57 is modelled after the first ever Speedy, the CK2915-1. The lineage is unmistakable, with its straight lugs and symmetrical case, the brushed steel bezel with black tachymeter scale, the non-protected crown and the dial with broad-arrow hands. The AAA copy Omega Speedmaster 57 collection, as launched in March this year, comprises 8 references – 4 different dials, available either on steel bracelet or leather strap. Inside this collection, there’s a segmentation to make; 3 colourful dials (blue, green, burgundy) with applied markers and sunray-brushed finishing; 1 black dial with a matte surface and a sandwich construction. We chose the latter for this review, being the most unique and vintage-ish edition.

1:1 replica Omega Speedmaster 57 Chronograph Hand-Wound 40.5mm 332. – review – 14Omega Speedmaster 57 Chronograph Hand-Wound 40.5mm 332. – review – 8
With this in mind, what you’re looking at is a watch that has lost 1mm in diameter, to now 40.5mm, and with a height of 12.99mm. Not only this is thinner than the previous automatic version by quite a margin (about 3mm less), but it’s also thinner than a classic Moonwatch (about 0.5mm less).

One of the major differences between this UK cheap fake Omega Speedmaster 57 and the Professional Moonwatch is the shape of the case. No twisted lyre lugs and crown/pusher protective module here. The ’57 is sharp and angular, symmetrical and straight, while the Moonwatch is asymmetrical and presents more curves. The other major difference comes from the bezel. Here, it’s made of steel, is brushed and the tachymeter scale is laser-engraved and then laser-coloured. The brightness of the bezel changes the perception of the top quality super clone watch, compared to the black insert of a Moonwatch.

The combination of a different case shape and a different bezel changes a lot of things on the wrist. While on paper the Swiss fake Omega Speedmaster 57 is thinner and slightly more compact (1.5mm less in diameter), it sits rather differently on the wrist, being more elongated than a Moonwatch that is more packed. The lug-to-lug has been measured at 49.6mm, which is not small, to be honest. A Moonwatch is about 2mm less in this field, specifically since the introduction of the Master Chronometer version. As such, the ’57 sits long on the wrist, while the top copy Omega Moonwatch sits large on the wrist. Then, the brighter bezel tends to add to the presence of the watch, while the black insert of the Moonwatch gives a more compact feel. It’s not really easy to describe on paper, so I can only encourage you to try them both…

In the same vein, the Swiss movement replica Omega Speedmaster 57 exudes a sheer vintage feel, while the Moonwatch feels more like a timeless object. One is warm, full of charm and slightly more adorned, the other is much colder, more technical, monochromatic and minimalistic. Again, two very different approaches to design, yet within the same range of watches. Retro-styled elements are visible everywhere, on the bezel with DON (dot over ninety), on the box-shaped sapphire crystal, on the bevel on the side of the lugs, on the classic pump pushers… A few specifications to know about the case; push-pull crown, screwed caseback with sapphire crystal and 50m water-resistance. Sufficient for me, but not spectacular either. Overall quality? Well, it’s an AAA quality copy Omega, so it’s flawless, ultra-precise, nicely finished, perfectly adjusted, and durable.

The dial is basically following the same direction as the case. Vintage-inspired, but with modern touches. Again, the idea isn’t to be entirely accurate but to evoke the past – if you want something truly accurate, check the 321-powered Moonwatch. As we mentioned above, 4 dials are available. We won’t blame you to be attracted by the cool burgundy or green watches, but for the sake of this article, we thought the black model would be more representative of what the cheap fake Omega Speedmaster 57 Chronograph Co-Axial Master Chronometer stands for.

In this collection, high quality replica Omega brings historically relevant elements but also takes some liberties for the sake of vintage charm. As such, you’ll find signature broad-arrow hands, which were only found in the earliest of Speedmasters. Next to this is a so-called sandwich dial, which certainly looks quite brilliant in the metal, even though it has never existed in the past. Here, we have a sand-blasted base with a matte black surface. The markers are not applied or painted but are represented by cutouts, leaving the view on the beige-coated luminous plate underneath. In the same vein, the display isn’t a classic tri-compax but is guided by the movement that sits underneath the dial, a modern architecture with small seconds at 9 o’clock and a single counter at 3 o’clock with hours and minutes. And yes, there’s a date at 6 o’clock… And before we hear you revendicate your rights to the no-date display, keep in mind that this watch isn’t intended for the same population as the Omega Moonwatch replica online UK . For many potential clients and in various markets, a date complication is still important. Its presence is thus coherent with the rest of the watch.

This new collection of best quality fake Omega Speedmaster 57 comes either on a retro-styled brown leather strap closed by a pin buckle or a stainless bracelet. The latter is a so-called “flat-link” that once again evokes the past. Still, its construction is very modern, with nice proportions – 20mm at the lugs, tapering to 15mm at the buckle, with thin links – brushed and polished surfaces, and a folding clasp that features a comfort release with a 2.3mm extension. If there’s nothing wrong with choosing the leather strap, we certainly encourage you to go for the steel bracelet (the difference is 400 euros and justified) and then to choose an aftermarket strap of your choice (or multiple ones). It’s always easier to go in this direction than to buy a steel bracelet from a boutique…

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