Urban Diving with the UK AAA Replica Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Ultra Deep

Although I collect all sorts of watches from many different brands, back in 2009, my watch collecting journey began with an AAA fake Omega Speedmaster Professional “Moonwatch” (ref. 3570.50.00). So, it’s no surprise the brand holds a special place in my heart. After all, it was the starting point of my interest in watches.
Eventually, I was invited to Omega HQ in Biel and met luxury replica Omega’s CEO, Raynald Aeschlimann, who, even at our introduction, has never shown anything but true passion for the brand. Plus, he is a very friendly and approachable guy, whether you meet him at the Omega HQ, the Omega Museum, or a golf open.
Upon discovering the watch at its release during perfect fake Omega UK Days 2022, I immediately liked the aesthetics.

What really appealed to me was that it screamed tool super clone watch. And yet, the quick set hour hand is a reminder that this watch wasn’t only made for underwater adventures but to be your companion as you travel the world, whatever the time zone, as it will never be a hassle to adjust once you arrive at your destination. However, despite all that seriousness, it sports a playful gradient seconds hand going from white to cyan, which is a nice touch.
I believe tool watches should be stealthy, rugged, and extremely easy to read. And this cheap fake Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Ultra Deep pretty much succeeds on all fronts because it’s all about utility. For example, not having any polished parts on the case appeals to me because, when you dive in shark inhabited waters, you’d rather not have a shiny object on your wrist that could be mistaken for a fish’s scale.
Where things get even more extreme in the development of this Ultra Deep is when you realize that it can go down to a depth of 6000m. That’s right, 1:1 replica Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Ultra Deep can go TWENTY times deeper than my 2015 Seamster 300 James Bond Spectre LE, and it achieved this by adding only 4.5mm to the case diameter.

That’s it. There wasn’t even a need for a helium escape valve. How is this possible? Well, by using a sapphire crystal created via the “Edge-Defined Film-fed Growth” (EFG) process.
A unique kind of sapphire crystal produced only by Swiss made replica Omega, EFG ensures the resulting sapphire crystal is deprived of all imperfections that could cause fragility in the material when exposed to extreme pressures. The sapphire crystal is then formed into a shape that guarantees extreme pressure resistance and allows the high quality fake Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Ultra Deep to be a tool watch fit for saturation diving.
And so, due to these technical innovations, a helium escape valve is not necessary. Plus, the anti-reflective coating is applied to both sides of the crystal, ensuring the watch is readable, whatever the conditions.

Although I’ll never dive as deep as 6000m, it’s reassuring to know that whatever you decide to throw at it will just be a walk in the park for the Swiss movement fake Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Ultra Deep.

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