1966 UK Swiss Made Replica Omega Speedmaster Professional Ref. 105.012-66 ‘CB Case’

One of the reasons I think the perfect fake Omega Speedmaster makes the perfect entrant into vintage watches is that there are seemingly infinite variations. It’s a great way to start learning enthusiast jargon and the things to look for when hunting for a watch. You can use the most famous Omega Speedmasters replica watches online UK as a case study to learn about the details; for example, applied versus printed logos, what that means, or how to hunt for an etched logo at the center of a crystal.

This is what my journey to purchasing a 1:1 fake Omega Speedmaster did for me: It showed me the secure feeling crown guards can lend to a pusher, the three-dimensional effect a stepped dial can lend to a watch’s look, and even why it can be important to count the number of teeth on a crown. The reason why this all works so well is that the Omega Speedmaster copy for men is incredibly well-documented.

Each aspect and little odd piece of watch-nerdery can be easily googled, which drops the barrier of entry and lets geeks of every level participate. When I was early in my deep dive into luxury replica watches uk I was at a watch event and presented with what I was told was a 1967 “CB case” Speedmaster. I nodded my head in appreciation. As soon as its owner wandered away, I started furiously – and somewhat ashamedly – googling to see what that could possibly mean.

What I found will probably surprise very few here. For a few years, Swiss made replica Omega sourced cases from not one but two sources: Huguenin Frères and La Centrale Boîtes. The latter of which is abbreviated on the inside caseback to CB and can be identified from the outside by its flat bevels on the tops of the lugs.

What most surprised me, however, is the lack of information as to why AAA fake Omega UK chose to add a second case maker to its roster. As far as I could tell, and to this day, the best reason anyone has as to why these cases were made, is that Huguenin Frères was having a hard time keeping up with demand. In any case, if you would like to take a closer look at this most mysterious of Moon copy watches for sale, head on over to the Shop.

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