Swiss Omega Speedmaster Replica Watches With Retro Style For Sale UK

Fake Omega Speedmaster Racing 3510.61.00

Schumacher raced for Ferrari from 1996 to 2006, where he won five of his seven world titles. If you were following F1 back then, you would have seen just how unstoppable Schumacher was. At one point he was the highest-paid athlete in the entire world. This UK perfect fake Omega Speedy honors his time at Ferrari with a Rosso Corsa-colored dial, or “race red” as it’s known, a specific shade of red that Ferrari has used on some of its most iconic road-legal and race cars. The yellow accents are also part of the Ferrari aesthetic and tie this Swiss made replica Omega to the much larger story of Ferrari’s dominance in the ’90s.

Replica Omega Speedmaster Racing 3510.81.00
Like many F1 drivers, Schumacher got his start in karting, but that’s not what the “CART” logo on the six o’clock sundial is referencing. It’s the Championship Auto Racing Teams’ logo, a race series that ran from 1979-2003. The dial is the showstopper here, in a brilliant shade of blue. The best 1:1 fake Omega also comes without the CART logo at six o’clock, but I think it adds a lot of character to the watch.

Omega Speedmaster Racing 3517.30.00
A checkered dial? C’mon. It doesn’t get any more kitschy than that. And that’s why I like this watch. It’s so of its time. AAA quality replica Omega loves a good limited edition, and this one delivers. There’s absolutely no mistaking its race heritage with racing accents (like the 3518.50.00) and a big old checkered flag plastered across the dial. And it’s desaturated, too! This reference is so visually distinct that I just can’t help but love it.

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